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Ernest Boggs: The Yorkshire Wildcard on his career, coaching and tea!

By 24 November 2023Interviews

By Sam Smith

ernest boggs

Ernest Boggs is a British independent wrestler who competes all over the North of England but most notably in Pro Championship Wrestling based in Preston and as a coach for Rascals Academy. Wrestlesphere chatted to him to learn all about his career and how he came up with his Yorkshire Wildcard persona!

We started by asking Ernest Boggs about his wrestling persona/gimmick as it’s something that we noticed straight away as it was immediately striking and original. Many people who’ve grown up in the North of England will be familiar with such attire – just not in a wrestling ring!

Discussing his persona, Ernest told us: “The gimmick is that I’m just a very proud Yorkshireman. I’m proud of my country, proud of my family, proud of myself. It’s just all about Yorkshire! It can be grumpy, or it can just be out of pride for Yorkshire.”

“When it comes to being a heel or a babyface I think its like when Brett Hart did it, he was a big babyface in Canada, but was booed out the building in the States. I think I exemplify that with Yorkshire. I remember working in Oldham, Lancashire, for Squared Circle with Marty Jones, and just throwing Yorkshire Teabags at the audience. I got booed so loud!”

ernest boggs

Ernest Boggs – The Yorkshire Wildcard

We asked Ernest about his love of wrestling and the story of how he became a pro wrestler. He told us:

“It was completely by accident. After lockdown, I was trying to get back into acting and by complete chance, Ross [UK wrestler Rossy Rascal] was also there. Naturally I was curious about wrestling as Ross had also opened his judo academy, and as I was slowly starting to watch it comfortably again without caring about being judged for watching wrestling.”

“So, when I went to talk to Ross he told me about PCW and I was interested, but I didn’t want to pay money for something I might not enjoy. But then they had an open day a few weeks later and I gave it a shot. And since March 2022 I have been training and wrestling for a good two years now.”

While performing with his students at Rascals Children’s Pro Wrestling Academy, Ernest engaged in a few slapstick moments to make the audience laugh, demonstrating his skills in physical comedy. We asked him if this is from his time acting, and if it’s an important part of his persona?

He said: “I’ve made YouTube videos on the side for years, I’ve always been one to entertain people. I enjoy putting a smile on someone’s face and brightening up someone’s day. I’m always one to be in front of a camera, let’s just say that!”

“I think it comes from growing my confidence on YouTube, the acting giving me the dynamic of switching from being a babyface to being a heel. So, I think it comes from a long time of being behind a camera and trying not to stutter.”

ernest boggs wrestling

Ernest Boggs can be seen at PCW and various other UK promotions.

Understanding that Ernest is friends with Rossy Rascal, we asked the Yorkshire Wildcard about his time with Rascals Academy, and what being a coach for young people means to him?

“I’ve worked for PCW, Target, Squared Circle and more, but I’m always happy to help out at Rascals, ever since Ross gave me the start I needed, I’ll always be happy to do the shows there. It’s the same with the other adult wrestlers at Rascals, we all treat them [the kids] as they are breakout talents themselves. So we plan the shows meticulously, who’s going to do this, who’s going do that, and with whom.”

“It’s wild to think that someone who’s ten years younger than you has the capabilities that they have. It’s immense. The character work, the in ring ability. Ross just brings out the best in those kids, he’s taught them so well. Just being a part of that community, it just feels right. I’ve always wanted to give back, I love to be able to teach and give back one way or another and Ross has given me that opportunity.”

“Being able to just teach what others have taught me feels great. I can’t really describe it, its more a sense of you have to be there, in that atmosphere, teaching that class. It hits so different, and those hits are powerful.”

Ernest Boggs

Only Yorkshire Tea will do for Ernest Boggs.

Finally, we asked Ernest about his own career and how it feels to be living out something he’s clearly very passionate about. He told us:

“I’m only beginning my career, but when I get an opportunity to go on a show, I put my all into it. It’s just so fun to work with people who’ve been doing it for so long, they’re always so supportive and it’s nice. Once the music hits, once your character hits, it’s on – and it feels amazing.”

Rascal’s Christmas Chaos event will take place on December 17th 2023 at the Kaidokan Judo Academy in Blackpool.

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