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Rossy Rascal discusses his career, training the next generation

By 1 March 2024March 3rd, 2024Featured, Interviews

By Sam Smith

Rossy Rascal Target Wrestling

Wrestlesphere caught up with the Target Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Rossy Rascal a matter of hours after he successfully defended his title against former WWE NXT UK Superstar Joseph Connors. Here’s what the he had to say.

We first asked Ross how he was feeling after his successful title defence over a  seasoned UK wrestler like Joseph Connors, who like Rossy Rascal, is also from Blackpool.

Ross said: “To be honest, I feel destroyed, but mentally, I feel refuelled. We had one hell of a match, I think we went around 25 or 28 minutes and I feel like I’ve been in a fight, which part of me enjoys.”

“I think I took a lot away from that, I feel like I levelled up. Joseph, to his credit, was an absolute gentleman backstage, but in the ring that man can go! I feel like I’ve learned so much that its actually motivated me to get back in there and showcase this new level that I think I’ve unlocked.”

Rossy Rascal vs Joseph Connors

Rossy Rascal vs Joseph Connors at Target Wrestling in Carlisle.

We then asked Ross how he’s fining being a Heavyweight Champion for the Cumbria based Target Wrestling?

He told us: “I won the title in less than a minute, so there was a part of me that wanted to showcase my skills, make myself vulnerable to the point where I learn and take a few more risks. This last match against Joseph provided me with that, I’m proud of my performance.”

“I just feel like there’s a new fire now. This can be a very mentally challenging business, but I really do feel like last night, again, wrestling someone of Joseph’s calibre, has taken me to a level where I’m so keen to get back in the ring again.” 

With the WWE NXT UK ending, we asked Rossy Rascal of he feels like the UK wrestling scene has evolved in recent years?

He said: “Yeah kind of, I joined the UK wrestling scene just as NXT UK hit so as I came in, a lot of peopled exited, so it provided a wealth of opportunity for me to grow and take my time. I was billed as the fastest rising star so I was fed some big names and some big competitors.”

“This was to the point of when many of the former NXT UK guys came back, I was the one they had to wrestle to prove this wasn’t all a fluke. I had to prove I wasn’t only here because they weren’t here. So I’ve had to wrestle quite a few of them to prove that, such as Sam Gradwell, Tyson T-Bone and now of course, Joseph Connors. I feel very privileged.”

Rossy rascal wins

Rossy Rascal defeats Joseph Connors for the Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. (Image credit: MrDavidJWilson / Target Wrestling)

As Rossy Rascal has a strong connection with Blackpool, we asked him about the town’s wrestling heritage and if that feeds into his own wrestling career?

He replied: “I’m definitely proud. One of the things I’m most proud to boast is that I’m one of the very last people in history to wrestle at Blackpool Tower. That’s a big deal, that’s a venue with a lot of prestige, not just in wrestling but entertainment in general.”

“The people that have performed there over the years, so be the last person to wrestle there, in March 2020, is definitely an honour and I want to hang on to that as a Blackpool boy myself.”

“Now I’m not going to go too in detail about this because it’s still early doors, it’s still a concept, but I don’t just feel proud, now I feel responsible. So I feel responsible for the history and the heritage of Blackpool wrestling moving forward. There’s going to be a resurge, let’s say, there’s going to be a revival. But I can’t say much more at this stages.”

Naturally, we pressed Ross further about this mysterious revelation, but he remained tightlipped. However, we did tell him that Wrestlesphere would be following up with him about this news at a later date.

Not only does Rossy Rascal perform as one of the UK’s most exciting and upcoming wrestling stars, he also runs his own separate wrestling and martial arts schools, for which he has won multiple awards.

We asked Ross about the beginnings of Rascal’s Wrestling Academy for Children and how he came up with the idea to train the next generation of UK wrestlers?

Ross said: “It started by accident to be honest, it really did. I’ve always had the judo academy, I got into judo because I wanted to be a wrestler and I took to judo really well, it changed my life positively and the wrestling came from this.”

“I was doing sports camps where I was being called in to teach a bit of judo and this was great for the kids and I loved it. Then I thought, why don’t I just do my own? So we did.”

Rascals Children's Pro Wrestling Academy Blackpool

Simon Williams also officiates matches at Rascals Academy.

“We then did them specifically for pro-wrestling and PCW were kind enough to loan us their ring for the sports camps, and then one of the dad’s asked why I don’t just start my own wrestling school.”

“At first I said no, and I’m glad he swayed me because of where we are now, but at the time I was unsure. I’m still young as a wrestler myself, but then an opportunity came up to buy a ring, and everything just started falling into place.”

“We started with just six children, six incredible children, many of whom are still with us today, then it just grew and grew!”

Ross continued to tell us about Rascals Academy, the children he trains, and how rewarding it is to be their coach.

“Wrestling captures imaginations like nothing else. We have children with wild dreams, some with special needs who need extra support, but they’re allowed to be themselves and express themselves in ways that they can’t in other sports.”

“They’re encouraged to be a little bit quirky or goofy and they have the confidence to be who they want. They have their own ideas and characters and it’s just a beautiful place to be and a good environment to surround yourself with.”

“It doesn’t feel like a grind or work, if anything I want to be there all the time and it gives me energy. I’m just so immersed in this world, I love it so much, it’s fun and it’s so great to be in a position to give back.”

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