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TNA’s Rosemary & Havok (Decay) on embracing the chaos

By 3 February 2024February 16th, 2024Featured, Interviews

By Sam Smith

Havok and Rosemary Impact

Rosemary and Havok are the TNA Wrestling Knockout Champions after defeating MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly) at Hard to Kill. We caught up with the champs to discuss their careers, the future of TNA and if total Decay dominance is on the cards for 2024.

We were first keen to ensure we were indeed addressing Rosemary and Havok, rather than their counterparts, Courtney and Jessica, before asking the duo about the TNA rebrand and if it came as a shock, or if they felt it had been on the cards for a while?

Rosemary: “There were rumblings, there was even a throwback TNA show planned for that year’s WrestleCon before the great pestilence shut all that down. So there was already nostalgia feeding into the memories of TNA, so for it to actually come back it wasn’t so much of a surprise. It was a wonderful homecoming for ourselves and Havok, being two of the very few that were TNA Knockouts beforehand.”

Havok: “We knew it was inevitably going to happen again, it was just a question of when. As Rosemary said, she and I are TNA originals and TNA Knockouts, so its just like being right back home again.”

havok rosemary hard to kill

Havok and Rosemary became champions again at TNA’s Hard to Kill PPV.

With TNA/Impact being on an upward trajectory for a few years now, we asked if both Rosemary and Havok feel like the company is on the cusp of something huge, and if this is the most excited they’ve been while working for TNA?

Rosemary: “There’s so many different ways you can build something and it’s so easy to fall off a cliff while you’re building it. There’s so many delicate little steps that need to be taken. In all those years, all the years that TNA was rebuilding, TNA just put its head down and kept doing its own thing, despite what people were saying, we just kept doing our thing until we were ready to present something to the world. Which is what we did at Hard to Kill.”

Havok: “The title of that pay-per-view says it all, we are Hard to Kill. And we’re not going anywhere! What we’ve done is to rebuild and reclaim, and I dare say that we put on the best wrestling show week after week. We’re here to stay.”

With the TNA Knockout Champion Jordynne Grace entering WWE’s Royal Rumble, we wondered if Decay would consider doing something similar at a future event?

Rosemary: “The Demon goes where the deal is to be struck! If you summon us, then we have no choice to obey. This is our home realm, but absolutely, we are also very much open to the challenge of anyone coming into our realm. But, if they seek to summon us into their realm for a challenge, then we’d absolutely be open to those fights.”

Havok: “I agree. I think Jordynne Grace showed the world that the Knockouts can hang with anyone. TNA is our home, that is where I will always consider home, but you never know what’ll happen.”

Rosemary: “But also, we want to make sure theres equality in this exchange. I mean, if you’re only going to experience TNA when our warriors show up on other battlefields, then you’re not really experiencing the same thing. If their warriors want to show up on our battlefield, then it becomes a give and take environment.”

“Home turf is an advantage in any sort of war. Sending us there, exclusively, to fight on their battlefield is a handicap unless their going to come over and fight on our turf as well.”

With TNA No Surrender coming up on the 23rd February, we asked Rosemary and Havok if they think MK Ultra will want a rematch for their tag-team titles?

Rosemary: “Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Havok: “I’m honestly hoping for it. There’s so much history there, especially with Masha. But you know, it was so sweet, that victory at Hard to Kill. Of course, we know that Masha and Kelly aren’t to be trifled with. So I’m almost hoping that they come and meet us for that rematch. These title belts are not going anywhere though.”

As Decay like to embrace the darker, more supernatural side of wrestling, we asked the champions what is it about this aspect that fascinates so many people? 

Rosemary: “Curiosities. Wrestling itself is full of curiosities. It started as a carny business, the roots in that are on displaying curiosities to people who want their mind expanded. We’re also very curious about the unknown, the macabre, the things we can’t comprehend or we wish were real because they make our existences that much more interesting.”

“The fact that there are things out there that we don’t really know and can’t explain, there’s a draw to the macabre, to the occult. Wrestling fans are already encouraged to use their imagination to flesh out these stories and larger than life characters. These dark forces, some people believe already influence their day to day lives, so why shouldn’t they influence their entertainment as well?”

Havok: “There’s a demographic of lost humans out there looking for someone to follow. Someone who looks like them. We are the weirdos! I feel like the fans want something different, not everyone is looking for the beautiful, popular specimens that are out there. That’s the beauty of TNA, we have a Knockout for every demographic, every person who may feel left out. 


MK Ultra fell to Decay at Hard to Kill.

When then asked Rosemary and Havok if former Decay member Crazzy Steve could back into the fold?

Rosemary: “When Crazzy Steve is ready, and willing and desiring of companionship, he will be absolutely welcome back in Decay. But our brother right now is in his final form, his own mission, which as far as we can tell needs to be completed by Crazzy Steve. We cannot complete his destiny for him, if he needs our help we’re here. But until then, we’re hands off until he calls.”

Havok: “The thing I love about this the most is that Crazzy Steve is one of the most underrated warriors, and I’m so glad that he’s finally showing the world what he’s all about. And when he is ready, we’ll welcome him back with open arms.”

Rosemary: “And if he doesn’t we’ll mourn him, but we’ll support him.”

Finally, we asked Decay about TNA and why both Rosemary and Havok are proud to call it home.

Havok: “I will always have a loyalty to TNA. They are the only ones who accept me as I am, and that is something that will always keep me loyal and motivated to always put on a good show, no matter what.”

Rosemary: “In nature, stagnancy is death, chaos is life. And if there’s been one thing that’s defined our time in TNA it’s chaos. It has been a tumultuous ride, but at the same time, one worth sticking to. As the seas are tossing that means theres life, there’s things going on, there’s evolution happening.”

“One of the reasons we choose TNA, and stay at TNA is that the sense of change has been broiling for years, and its something we want to be part of, and at the head of, at the vanguard of. This is us taking what we have fought for, what we have refused to give up, what’s refused to die and remoulded into something that is familiar and yet fresh.”

“This rebranding of TNA is the absolute epitome of evolution and its validating to see, finally, the thing we thought we felt was coming for all these years, is finally here.”