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Ash by Elegance on joining TNA, creative freedom and the future

By 19 April 2024April 23rd, 2024Featured, Interviews

By Sam Smith

ash by elegance TNA

Ash By Elegance is one of the biggest stars in the TNA Knockouts Division after arriving in TNA at their first Pay-Per-View, and during their rebrand. We spoke to Ash about her new persona in TNA and her hopes for the future. 

As Ash By Elegance made her TNA debut at Hard to Kill 2024, we asked the superstar how they’ve found TNA as a home so far, and if her new persona has provided new creative opportunities?

“My time with TNA has been a blessing. It’s been the most exciting chapter in my wrestling career. Wrestling in another place for eleven years, I felt very restricted. Since going to TNA, I’ve felt that creative freedom, it was insane to come to the table with an idea and for them to just just go “Yep, let’s do it” and run with it.”

“I was very nervous, I had some time off and was coming into a new place wondering how the fans were going to respond to me, they were excited to see that I didn’t give up on wrestling and continued to pursue my passion. TNA has given me a great opportunity and platform to go out and there and showcase what I’m all about.”

Ash by elegance

Ash by Elegance made her debut at Hard to Kill (2024).

“That’s my character and entertainment work, but also being able to perform in the ring and show a different side of me. In the past I’d come in with different creative ideas, I’d throw them out there but nothing was happening. TNA was open to our ideas and I knew that this was the place I needed to be.”

“Before I felt like a toy sitting on the shelf for so long, I just wanted to come out and give it all I had. Tommy Dreamer and Gail Kim really believed in me. I said where do I sign? Now, I couldn’t even imagine coming to another promotion.”

“I have to say, WWE gave me an amazing platform and without them, I wouldn’t be in the situation that I’m in now. So WWE set me up for success, but I always felt like I had a lot more to give than I was able to give. I feel so happy. As one door closes another one opens.”

We then asked how the Hard to Kill reveal came together? Ash told us the story of her debut, saying:

“The reveal was the result of a lot of ideas being thrown around. I wasn’t too familiar with TNA as I had only ever known WWE, so we thought why not do this organically? In real life you’d go and get the lay of the land, you’d go and scout a team.”

“So I arrived and sat ringside, and I was blown away by Jordynne, what a talent, but I sat there and observed the show, then we filmed the vignettes before I made my debut properly at Hard to Kill. Just filming those vignettes made me feel like a star.”

“I got to tell a story and that’s something I want to bring to TNA, let’s mould everything into a story, not just a cold match with no reason. Let’s get people invested, and that’s what’s been working well with TNA.”

ash by elegance match

Ash has already shown off her new persona in various matches on TNA Impact.

We asked what Ash is hoping to achieve in TNA, and what does the future of the promotion look like ideally?

“Very elegant. A very shiny accessory around my waist. This weekend at Rebellion it will be Steph De Lander versus Jordynne Grace. Of course, that should have been my match, but I needed to find a replacement.”

“I will be watching from ringside as Jordynne dominates Steph, then I’ll be heading for my own championship match.”

As Ash and Nic Nemeth both joined TNA at around the same time, we wondered if both wrestlers had compared their experiences?

“Of course, he and I have both come from the same experience and background, we were both kind of in the position where we felt stuck. We’d have conversations about what we could do after, but then you just go back to thinking that’s not going to happen.”

“When it did happen it was a sigh of relief in many ways, but it meant coming into a new environment and you worry about how you’re going to be seen. So it’s been great to have a familiar face to experience this with.”

“We both believe this is the best place for us to explore a different character and feel appreciated. It’s been amazing top to bottom, I know that’s how he feels the same.”

Ash by elegance xia brookside

Ash will face Xia Brookside in Las Vegas.

As fans have been seeing more evidence of a working relationship between TNA and WWE,  we asked Ash if she’d want to enter another Royal Rumble – but this time in her TNA persona?

“Yes. I love the connection that WWE and TNA have. It started with Mickey James coming in with her Knockouts title and Hardcore Country persona. I was actually in that Rumble match and was amazed that Mickie was able to represent TNA. I also thought it was amazing of WWE to be open to it. It was cross-promotion and led to good morale.”

“Mickie is a legend in both WWE and TNA. Fast-forward to 2024 with Jordynne entering the Rumble? She put TNA on the map, the whole arena at the Royal Rumble was shouting TNA, which was awesome! It really showed how amazing the Knockouts division is. For me personally, I’d love to enter the Rumble again if the opportunity was given as Ash by Elegance – and win!”

“Being able to represent the place that I am now in the place where I started would feel like I’d come full circle.”

However until then Ash by Elegance is firmly focused on winning the TNA Knockouts Championship.

The TNA Rebellion (2004) Pay-Per-View will take place on April the 2oth and can be purchased on the TNA+ app or from Triller TV in the UK.