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Dani Luna & Jody Threat talk TNA Rebellion & holding tag-team gold

By 1 April 2024Featured, Interviews

By Sam Smith

Spitfire win tag team gold
Spitfire, Jody Threat and Dani Luna are the TNA Knockout Tag-Team Champions. Wrestlesphere spoke to them about their reign, careers in TNA and the upcoming Rebellion pay-per-view.

As audiences watched Spitfire come together as a team organically, we asked the tag-team if they’ve been surprised by how well they’ve gelled as a team?

Dani: “Not in the slightest. We are almost the same person. We realised pretty early on that we’re on the same wavelength. I would have been surprised if we didn’t gel, just we’re after the same things, have the same morals and I just think that makes it so much more genuine for people to watch.”

Jody: “We just know what each other is thinking, it’s kind of crazy.”

As Jody and Dani have both walked different but similar paths on their road to TNA, we asked them what was it about the promotion that appealed them when they signed?

Dani: “For me, growing up, TNA was the wrestling you could watch in the UK without having Sky TV, so that was what I watched and resonated a lot with it. So to get the offer once I was working in as a wrestler myself, and not just to sign to Impact but to sign to TNA, was so cool. We got to open the first pay-per-view back as TNA at Hard to Kill, in an Ultimate X match, and we got to do that together.”

Jody: “It was the fact that there was so much focus on the women’s division and I could see how much integrity there was, as well as a true interest in growing it. I admired the diversity in the division as well, it just seemed like a good place to be your authentic self so that immediately drew me.”

Dani Luna and Jody Threat are the reigning TNA Knockout Tag-Team Champions.

As we were on the subject of the rebrand, we then asked both Jody and Dani how it felt to refer to themselves as TNA Knockouts.

Dani: “I feel like you can look at the linage of the Knockouts World Championship to see how far women’s wrestling has progressed. If you look back at the division, the women of TNA were always there putting the work in and doing those sick spots. As a wrestler’s wrestler, I can appreciate that so much. We get to work with legends like Gail Kim directly now and it’s such a pleasure for this person, who’s done everything there is to do, to be helping us build this new generation.”

Jody: “Truly it’s an honour to be part of it. Just TNA Knockouts has so much heritage that goes along with that specific title. So to be a part of that is a very cool feeling. This is what we want from women’s wrestling.”

As Dani represented was featured during the TNA UK tour and Jody during the last tour in Canada, we asked both Knockouts what it was like wrestling in their home countries, before being whisked off on the road with TNA?

Jody: “It’s cool to just have a Brit and a Canadian representing in an American company. It’s a lot of responsibility as we want to serve our sisters, but it’s also a pat on the back as we must be the top wrestlers in our respective countries.”

Dani: “Really cool. I mean there hadn’t been a UK tour in like ten years. I wasn’t even signed at the time so it was such a pleasure to perform in front of what was essentially my people. It felt nice to be on my stomping ground and have everyone behind me. It was great to see those familiar faces in the UK crowd that I don’t get to see over in TNA usually.”

We saw Dani Luna and Jody Threat have a stare down with Decay in an episode of Impact! We asked the champs their thoughts on Decay, and if they’re a potential opponent for Rebellion 2024?

Jody: “We can’t trust anyone. Obviously we have a target on our backs.”

Dani: “Which we understand, we surprised a lot of people when we won the Knockout’s Tag Team Championships. We’ve never wrestled Decay so that would be a good one to do. It’s refreshing for the Knockout’s tag division son to have so many avenues we can go down. As long as Spitfire come out on top.”

As the former champions, MK Ultra (Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovitch), may still be waiting in the wings ready to strike, we asked Spitfire if this was a concern?

Jody: “If you want a rematch… (shrugs and nods). I mean we were attacked.”

Dani: “They obviously don’t like us. I wouldn’t say concern, but its been noted. We have history with them and they’ve obviously earned their spot. They are entitled to a contractual rematch, but they don’t need to be arseholes about it. Like Decay are scary, but they’re just waiting for their rematch and that’s fine. They get it. But MK Ultra, you don’t get to beat us up and just get whatever you want.”

TNA Rebellion will take place on April 20, 2024 at the Venue Palms Casino Resort, in Paradise, Nevada. It can also be seen on the TNA+ app and ordered via Thriller TV in the UK.