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Exclusive: Pretty Deadly Name Their Legendary Inspirations and Surprise Dream Opponents

By Joe Baiamonte

pretty deadly wwe

In the annals of professional wrestling, there have been countless superstars who forged their reputations not solely through in-ring work and microphone skills alone. The business of sports entertainment has long been a breeding ground for the flamboyant, who would look just as at ease on the catwalk as they would in the squared circle.

Pretty Deadly are two such superstars.

Elton Prince and Kit Wilson have been making names for themselves while traversing their way through NXT UK, NXT and SmackDown, winning over a ton of fans on-screen and off, in the process. And while championship gold has so far evaded the British duo since their call up to the main roster (they held the NXT UK Tag Titles and also unified them with the NXT Tag belts during their time in WWE’s developmental territories, however), the popularity of the pair has refused to wane thanks to the comic timing of their promo skills and their eclectic wardrobe choices.

But where does such sartorial bravery and creativity emanate from? Which superstars from bygone eras have provided inspiration for the former NXT Tag Team champions?

During Money In The Bank weekend in London last summer, WrestleSphere caught up with Prince and Wilson and discussed their stylistic inspirations.

“Who are the best dressed wrestlers? At first I’m thinking…’none of them’,” begins Prince, before Wilson interjects, “I’d say the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian. Because if you go back to their era, and maybe we do this too, but they go in and out of being fashion icons and being ugly. They dipped their toes in and out. They had some killer looks and some misses.”

Prince continued, “Not all of them land. Sometimes you’re going to swing and you’re going to miss, but as long as you try, that’s the main thing.”

While Money In The Bank weekend did not prove to be a successful one for the Deadly Boys, being that they came up perilously short in their efforts to remove the Undisputed Tag Team Titles from then-champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, they still had their eyes on potential dream main events should the opportunities arise at future UK based Premium Live Events.

The Pretty Deadly look book. Image: WWE

But who would Prince and Wilson be looking to stand across the ring from in their ultimate dream match. Well, one choice was extremely understandable. The other choice was…..about as absurd as a lot of their outfits. In the best manner possible.

“It would have to be, a Premium Live Event main event, Pretty Deadly against The Usos,” explains Prince, “Find out who them real ones are.”

Wilson continued, “It’s gonna happen, we’re gonna get there and I’m excited to do it.”

And who else was that, boys?

“Ant and Dec. Give us a tag match against Ant and Dec,” declared Prince, before Wilson added, “we can do a Bushtucker Trial, then we’ll take them in the ring.”

Not content with those two contests, however, Prince added a third fall to their Saturday Night Takeaway dream opponents.

“We’ll have a dance off on Britain’s Got Talent, too. They’ll come to our world, we’ll go to their world. Multi-platform.”

While The Uso brothers may be beefing their way to a showdown against each other at WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, next week, we know all too well that by this time next month the brother Uce could very well be back on good terms and teaming together for tag gold once more. As for Ant and Dec, the Byker Grove Boys are bonded for life, so why not get them booked for when WrestleMania inevitably comes to London, Trips?

WrestleMania 40 will emanate from Philadelphia, PA on 6th and 7th April, 2024, available only on Peacock, WWE Network and PPV.

Featured Image Credit: WWE