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Drew McIntyre: “It feels good to be the fans’ chosen one”

By 21 February 2023Interviews

By Dom Smith

By Dom Smith

Drew McIntyre catches up with Dom Smith to discuss his legacy, success, thoughts on his fans, and being the fans’ “chosen one”.

Drew on being the face of UK independent wrestling for ICW, and WWE

Despite coming off of a loss at the now legendary Clash At The Castle PLE (Premium Live Event) in Cardiff, Wales this past weekend, Drew McIntyre is in very positive spirits about his legacy, and what he wants to achieve through the rest of his career.

Speaking to Soundsphere, Drew says: “When wrestling needed somebody to stand up and fight for it, Drew McIntyre did that. I’ve always done that, if we look at my time on the indies, and they needed someone for the UK scene, there was also an opportunity for me there, to be the vocal point of that and spread the message of UK independent wrestling, in ICW, specifically.”

On making Clash At The Castle happen

Drew continues on to reflect about how, when the pandemic happened, and he became WWE Champion, the same thing occurred – he was asked to be at the forefront of the wrestling landscape: “Once again, I had to stand up and be that representative when other people weren’t around. I was such a strong supporter of the UK show [Clash At The Castle], and I talked about it all the time. Hopefully people remember that I didn’t shut up about it, and that when it happened, it was an awesome event.”

A message for the fans

“I can’t do what I do without my fans,” says Drew enthusiastically. “They have been with me the whole time, from the beginnings, and 3MB through to the independents.” Drew also thanks the newer fans who have rallied behind him, and related to his story: “That connection with the fans is very important to me. It feels great to be the fan’s chosen one, rather than the corporate chosen one.”

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