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WWE SmackDown QR code hides tribute to Bray Wyatt fan, Jodie Gilly

By 19 May 2024June 4th, 2024Featured, News

By Sam Smith

Jodie Gilly and Bray Wyatt

An Uncle Howdy tease on the May 17, episode of WWE SmackDown contained a secret message hidden in the source code designed to pay tribute to Jodie Gilly, a member of the Insiders Podcast and YouTube channel.

The Insiders are a group of WWE superfans who frequently host their Abbey’s Window show on YouTube, discussing all things related to Bray Wyatt, and since his passing, all things Uncle Howdy, Bo Dallas and the Wyatt 6.

The Wyatt 6 and Uncle Howdy teases are becoming a regular fixture on WWE programming, with the company using cryptic messages, viral marketing and analog horror to create a trail of breadcrumbs that fans can follow in anticipation of the faction’s eventual reveal.

Jodie Gilly Insiders

Jodie and the Insiders hosted a special episode remembering Bray Wyatt.

Jodie and her co-hosts at the Insiders channel had kept track of these teases and often discussed creative ideas and theories as to what each one meant. Due to their love of Bray Wyatt, Uncle Howdy and all things WWE, Jodie and the Insiders even become friends with Bray Wyatt and spent time together.

In the hours leading up to SmackDown on Friday the 17th of May, 2024, Jodie’s husband confirmed that Jodie had passed away suddenly. This tragic news rocked their community and led to an outpouring of tributes and condolences on wrestling Twitter/X.

Upon becoming aware of Jodie’s passing, WWE also paid tribute to Jodie by putting a dedication to her in the most recent Uncle Howdy tease – and the first one to be acknowledged on SmackDown. The message read “JG <3“, indicating her initials followed by a heart.

Once the tease was noticed by the community, the Insiders team reached out to Rob Fee, WWE’s Director of Character Development who confirmed that the message was indeed intended as a tribute to Jodie, with WWE themselves wishing to pay their respects to her.

WWE Jodie Gilly

WWE confirms the tribute was for Jodie Gilly.

Jodie Gilly was also a contributor to Wrestlesphere and our whole staff would like to send our deepest condolences to her family, the entire Insiders team and everyone else who’s lives she touched within the internet wrestling community.