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Alisha Edwards talks TNA, Hard to Kill & the Impact Wrestling UK tour

By 14 December 2023Featured, Interviews

By Sam Smith

alisha edwards

Alisha Edwards is a TNA Knockout who’s married to fellow Impact Wrestling star Eddie Edwards. With the couple now on the same page and leading a dominant new faction, we spoke to Alisha about her plans for the future.

While her husband Eddie Edwards was working with invaders from Ring of Honor, Alisha Edwards was trying to convince him to not turn his back on the Impact locker room.

However, during his rivalry with Frankie Kazarian, Alisha fully embraced her new “ride or die mentality” with Eddie. We asked her about this change of attitude and what caused it?

“I was always by Eddie’s side, and then I thought what was I going to do for myself? I mean, I’m not at the forefront of the Knockout’s Division right now, I’m kind of in limbo. So I reflected on my career at the time and I realised something needed to change.”

“When he was working with Honor No More, the only thing that wasn’t supporting them was the locker room, so if I had to turn my back on the locker room to support my husband and help my own career, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

alisha edwards

Alisha Edwards confronts Eddie about Honor No More.

The return of TNA

Impact’s last monthly special before the TNA rebrand, Final Resolution (2023) aired on YouTube via the company’s Ultimate Insider’s service. There, Alisha came up short in a match against fellow Knockout Jodie Threat. We asked Alisha if this rivalry is over, or if she’ll want a rematch against Threat.

“I don’t think anything’s ever over. I want the win at the end of the day, I want to make sure its my spot in the division. Especially with the rebrand, I mean, the pressure’s on now. Everyone is feeling it and its exciting, but at the same we have to level up and evolve a bit. That’s where my mind’s at. I just have to keep bringing my A-game.”

We asked Alisha about her feelings surrounding the return to TNA and why now is the right time?

“I really think right now is the time to do it, not only for us as a locker room, but for the wrestling universe. I think it’s a step in the right direction for the wrestling world and we’re going to set it on fire.”

“This is just the start of great things in the future of TNA. I want to hold that TNA flag as high as I can and just scream about it at the top of my lungs. TNA’s always been there and we’re here to stay. I’m excited to be part of the journey.”

“I honestly think this is going to create more opportunities, not just for the company but for everyone individually. It’s going to be amazing to see the growth we bring, and to pull from the past. I mean theres a lot of storylines from TNA that can be brought back to life.”

“I love working for TNA, not only is it fun but it’s inspiring. Our entire locker room pushes everybody, we’re a family. We’re a a very dysfunctional family, it’s not always rainbows and unicorns, there are times we have rough days. But there’s always someone to pick you up and make everything better.”

alisha edwards

Alisha Edwards has plans for championship gold. 

Alisha Edwards: Plans for 2024

Alisha and Eddie Edwards have a tenuous alliance with Moose and Brian Myers, we asked Alisha if there any other Knockouts on the roster who could join the faction, or form a tag team with her?

“Oh there’s so many options we could add to our little faction. I mean, she does have a big mouth, but Tasha Steelz could bring some flavour and bring a strong opportunity for us.”

“But honestly right now we’ll concentrate on the boys winning gold in 2024 – and Lish winning gold in 2024 as well. If that comes in singles form or tag form I’m up for anything. Knockouts! You’re on notice.”

Finally, we wanted to know Alisha’s plans for Hard to Kill and if she will be targeting the Impact Knockout’s Champion Trinity in 2024. We also asked her if she plans on joining the next UK tour, after the last one was such a success.

“Eyes on the prize, I think 2023 was just a warmup for me. I’m ready and I think 2024 will be Lish’s year. That is if Trinity is still champ after Hard to Kill, I mean, she’s going up against Jordynne Grace, who’s one of the best Knockout Champions in history.”

“I was super jealous that I didn’t get to go on the UK tour and if we go back next year, and I’m sure we will, I’ve already told them I’m going to be on that tour! As far as Hard to Kill goes, me and Eddie will be in Vegas – so anything is possible!”

TNA Hard to Kill 2024 will take place on January 13, 2024, at the Palms Casino Resort in Paradise, Nevada

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